Sunday, 27 February 2011

All Bucktail Decievers

Tied these featherless Decievers today. Hoping they won't hang up in the air quite so much as the feathered variety.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Snowbee Fly Mate Pedestal Vice

Another item of equipment that I am very pleased with is the Snowbee Fly Mate Pedestal Vice. These are super Vices for the money, constructed from quality materials and the vice jaws have a five year guarantee! Can't sat fairer than that. They have a rotary action which makes the construction of flies a doddle even for the beginner. There are few Vices on the market of this calibre at this price point, the Fly mate looks and performs like many much more expensive models. Great product!

Rio Outbound Intermediate

New line arrived today, the Rio Outbound Intermediate, a slow sinking intermediate line with sink rate of 1.5 -2 inches per second. The head is the same 37.5 ft shooting taper design as the full floating line I already own, but is clear and sinks. This blends smoothly into the yellow floating running line giving you the best of both worlds. The Rio Outbounds are just simply superb in their performance and enable someone like me to cast 30 yards or more on a regular basis, I say someone like me because I would be the first to admit my technique isn't great yet the Outbounds make it far easier and smoother to cast, with just a couple of false casts before releasing the line on the shoot. The full length of the head can be picked up off the water with the Full floater if need be and recast immediately to cover moving fish. I'm hoping the Intermediate version will prove it's worth as an early season weapon, to get the fly down deeper to semi torpid fish, or at those deeper venues or when there is some swell on the water which can cause you to lose contact with taking fish with the floating line, the Intermediate head being fished beneath the waves and allowing you to keep direct contact with the fly, as far as I am concerned  the  Rio Outbound is  THE Saltwater fly line! It comes in a cold water version perfect for our cooler seas. It enables the long casting required in the Salt, even when breezy, and is tough enough to withstand plenty of abuse. 10/10 !

Friday, 25 February 2011

Something in the air?

Could it be Spring?...

Theres a tension in the air, little signs here and there, Crocus's, Daffodils, tiny buds on the trees...
Spring is coiling itself, ready to erupt in a glorious fanfare of colour and warmth, I can feel it.
The last two weeks have seen warmer temperatures with several days nudging up to and even just over double figures.
My friends and I are babbling excitedly at the prospects of the coming Swffing season, exchanging emails and texts to compare notes and ideas. There's even discussion...nay plans ! for an early start in a couple of weeks time, something that I never imagined after last years delayed start due to the late cold snap.
The bait boys have been finding litte pockets of Bass here and there, so there are already fish about it seems. We are hoping some tactical alterations this year are going to pull some early fish out of the bag for us...we shall see, it's all part of the learning curve and if you don't try, then you will never know, after all, He who dares...!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

More Epoxies

Very taken with these, larger versions tied on size 2 hooks this time and in tri colours white chartruese and olive, and a white topped with grey.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Epoxy Minnows

Think these could be quite effective, the heavier Epoxy head should give good movement  ( like a clouser), as well as getting the fly down quicker when needed.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Army marches on!

Can't seem to stop tying flies at the moment....

I'm really enjoying it though, and most evenings are spent in front of the vice at the moment. I actually find it very relaxing, and a great way to unwind after a hectic day.

Did get some fishing in yesterday, took advantage of the break in the weather to pursue some Roach. Things were very slow to start with, and my Pole float remained motionless for the first couple of hours, until the swim fell into shade, whereupon it was as if someone had flicked a switch and the bites were non stop for the next few hours. Sadly the fish were not of a great stamp, certainly not what I'm looking for in my quest for a two pounder! I didn't even get any over half a pound which was a bit dissapointing.
Still a bit of time left yet, but my heart and lungs are yearning for the Salt air, the swish of a fly rod, and the pull of a Bass...

Saturday, 5 February 2011

A couple more

Been messing around with a couple of different patterns today, the first is another variation of the white Minnow / fry pattern for smaller Schoolies.

The other one is a baby Pollock pattern for when the Bass are targeting these.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Much better

A few more flies have been constructed and have joined the growing army of patterns ready for later on, and I am very pleased with the latest results. First up is another variation on my little white Minnow that is excellent for when the Bass are fry feeding in large numbers, this time with the addition of a little olive.

Next up is my latest attempt at a Flatwing pattern, I love the look of these flies for targeting larger fish, and imitating bigger prey like mackerel. Traditionally mackerel imitations tend to be based on a white and blue scheme, but I have chosen to try a white and olive combination as I feel this is much closer to how the Mackerel appear actually in the water. Anyway here is the latest tie.


And 'Wet'

I must admit to not being too keen on the JC eyes to start with and tried the epoxy type, but it's obvious that you just don't achieve the same results as with the JC. So I have to say I'm very pleased with the look of this fly now and will be going Flatwing mad for a liitle while to see what other results I can get. ( as soon as I can get some more JC eyes ).